30 August, 2021

There Is No Such Thing As Covid-19

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They (the government “experts”) blew it with the Covid-19 booster shot plan. They really did. They went way overboard with the “story.”

If the Covid-19 “vaccines” were genuine and they worked well, why would people need a booster shot after only 8 months? Even if you caught a “variant” of Covid-19, the vaccines would work as long as the variant was around 80% similar to the original Covid virus (this has been pointed out by many vaccine experts). Oops! Overreached!

In fact, many people, including many smart people, believe that there’s no such thing as Covid-19. After all, the “gold standard” Covid test (i.e., the PCR test) has been revealed to be worthless because of its very high rate of false-positive results. Is that surprising? No. The doctor who invented the PCR test (the late Dr. Kary Mullis) said that it was not designed to test for infectious diseases in live humans. So why did they use it for that?

Q: If there’s no such thing as Covid-19, what is making people sick?
A: an Asian flu. (There are 4 main types of flu viruses but over 100 subtypes of flu viruses).

Q: Why are the “experts” calling it “Covid-19” and treating it as the worst disease since polio?
A: For political reasons, most of them having to do with Trumpism (right-wing populism), the NWO “reset” and globalism. Notice how the Covid-19 narrative keeps changing monthly, e.g., first, face masks work, then they don’t, then they do. Then, hydroxychloroquine works, then it doesn’t as soon as Trump advocates it, then it does, then it doesn’t. First, the Covid “vaccines” work, then they don’t, but the governments keep pushing them anyway, even when 75% of the new “Covid” cases are occurring in vaccinated (!) people, e.g., in Israel. Now comes the “booster” shots plan. And now Canada has ordered Covid vaccines into the year 2024! Wow! This is a “long con” game plan in the liberal countries, folks! This isn’t short term. The leftists love their government mandates. They love controlling the people (just look at California: anything not mandated by law is banned. No middle ground).

Q: Why are so many people dying from this Asian flu?
A: Most people aren’t dying from it! Only old people or people with underlying health issues are dying from it. (Also, America on the whole is too fat, which contributes to the death/illness rates of this virus; it also seems to hit Black people harder, which isn’t surprising given overall Black health).

Q: Will anything good come of this fake Covid-19 scare?
A: Yes. American citizens will no longer trust government “experts,” or the mainstream media, or Big Pharma, or globalist agendas.

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