13 August, 2021

Too Many Negroes, Jewish Fright and Paper Tigers

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Seen on the TV last night: so many negroes that I thought, for a brief moment, that I had been magically transported to the Congo.

Have you wondered why, since 2017, there are negroes all over your TV screen? That’s because powerful Jews in NYC and L.A. are scared. They want to lessen White nationalism in America by fooling the citizens into thinking that the U.S. is no longer a White country but a totally multicultural one, and therefore White nationalism is futile and hopeless — better just give up on it!

Basically, the Jews are scared shitless about the massive, unprecedented support Donald Trump was/is getting from White people. The Jews previously had thought that they had America (the most powerful White country) “in the bag.” They thought that the only remaining White conservatives in America were a few wimpy George W. Bush types in Iowa. But Trump proved them very wrong. Trump’s “build the wall” slogans were wildly popular with White Americans on a scale never before seen in U.S. politics. Indeed, Trump was genuinely loved by White America (at Trump rallies, the crowds would chant “we love you!” to Trump, which is historically unprecedented; even Reagan didn’t get that!). And Trump’s conservatism wasn’t Bush-style wimpy conservatism. This was nativism, populism and even nationalism at times. The little sheenies were scared witless over Trump’s popularity! Hence the reason “wokeness” suddenly became a thing after Trump took office. Hence the reason there were suddenly Blacks in every TV commercial. Hence the reason Jewish congressmen were introducing articles of impeachment against Trump long before he had done anything even remotely impeachable [1].

“But wait,” you might say: “Don’t the Jews know that Trump is a paper tiger (all talk, very little action)?” Yes, but that’s not the issue. The issue is 100 million, gun-owning White people acting as one unit and supporting nativist/nationalist ideas. That’s the issue in the minds of the paranoid Jews. They badly underestimated the scope of White nativism in America and they realize that now. (In fact, that’s why they, and their lackeys (the shabbos goys) “had to” steal the 2020 election and why they “had to” greatly inflate the Covid-19 menace, and why they’re still inflating it)[2].


[1] Jewish congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) filed the first impeachment article in Congress against Trump in mid-July 2017, for the ridiculous reason of “Russian interference” in the election. Pray tell, what “Russian interference”???

[2] the Covid-19 lockdowns and their economic destruction were deliberate and were aimed at destroying Trump’s reputation and legacy. That way, the Jews and the Left can say, over the next 30 years, that Trump was a “terrible president” who “destroyed the economy”

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    1. Altar of Melektaus Says:

      Emmanuel Trumpstein needs a sporty Captain America outfit and a folding chair with a star on it but he is too old to jump off of the top rope.
      He won’t actually use the chair but he delivered on muh judges. (LOL!)