17 September, 2021

Bring Back Natural Law

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This is about natural law. It is no longer followed in America.

In place of natural law is something called “positive law.” It’s liberal law. Under positive law, laws exist/are made based solely on whether Congress, or a state legislature, or a court, thinks the laws are legitimate laws. Whether they are moral or reasonable, or not, makes no difference. For example, the USA Patriot Act of 2001 is blatantly unconstitutional, yet it still exists because Congress thinks it’s a legitimate law. Apparently the courts do, too.

This is a description of natural law:

“It is to this adherence to natural law under the aegis of due process that we are indebted for the protection by our courts of one after the other of our cherished rights: the inviolability of conscience, the right to express one’s convictions, to acquire knowledge, to work at one’s chosen calling, to educate one’s children, and to those other conditions of freedom and self-realization which, as the Court says, are implicit in natural justice.” (This was written in 1948).

“The right to express one’s convictions”?? Well! That doesn’t exist in America anymore. Ever hear of “hate-crime” laws, which punish you for, as an example, saying “X” just before you punch “protected person Y”? (That actually happened: a White guy called an Asian guy an “X” slur just before the two got into a fist-fight. The White guy was charged with a “hate-crime” and sentenced to 5 years in a federal prison far from his home). We also no longer have the right to “acquire knowledge” since we are not allowed to find out the truth about Covid-19, or, about drugs used to treat Covid.

This is a description of positive law:

“In comparison, therefore, with the principles and precepts of natural law, which are necessary propositions and bind reason in their grasp, the rules of positive law are relative, contingent and changeable.” Relative, contingent and changeable! So, it all depends! It all depends on some Jewish judge’s Marxist, anti-White opinion as to whether or not it’s a legitimate law, or a legitimate arrest! Nice! Not!

America needs to return to natural law, ASAP.

[a .PDF file].

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