22 September, 2021

Feminism and Witches: a Connection?

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Lots of interesting information about IQ, feminism, human pair-bonding, ugliness, equality, witches, etc. For one thing, it seems that people with higher IQs embrace individualism more than lower-IQ people. Hmmmmm. Are people with Ph.D.s a threat to White Western culture?? Seems so. Zounds!


“The true cause of the witch craze, then, was heightened group selection under conditions of scarcity. Note that convictions for witchcraft peaked around the 1640s, as the Little Ice Age entered its harshest phase. Within Great Britain, convictions for witchcraft were most common in Scotland, perhaps due to the country’s poverty and colder climate.”

“When Angela Merkel (who is childless) opened Germany’s borders in 2015, it was women who showed up at entry-points with “Refugees Welcome” signs.” (Figures!).

“Their extreme individualism and misplaced empathy are serving to usher in an era of group conflict in which their own interests will count for little.”


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