4 September, 2021

Globalism is a Must? Why?

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(Above: the little circles are U.S. or NATO military bases and that diagram is not complete).

Globalism (as opposed to localism/regionalism) is harmful to America in so many ways. For one thing, it makes wars much more likely. But nonetheless, globalism is always framed in “must” terms. As if America must pursue a globalist path, no matter what the cost. Why is that? Why do our “leaders” push globalism, an unnatural ideology? (America was more-or-less isolationist until circa 1900).

For example, just the other day, some “expert” on TV said that, if China tries to seize Taiwan, America “must” take military action to stop it. Really? Why “must” America take action? That’s a virtual guarantee of a larger war with China! Is tiny Taiwan really that important to us? Taiwan is a little dot on a map!

Similarly, why “must” America antagonize Russia by leading the movement to surround Russia with NATO countries? That only makes war with Russia more likely!

America’s globalism has kept us on the wrong road for a long time.
So why don’t we simply get off that bad road? “Many roads lead to the summit,” remember? There are other paths to choose from.

America must chart her own course, alone, free from the chains of the UN, NATO, the WHO, etc. America must think and act as one unit only.

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