14 September, 2021

The Bidenstein Administration

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The, ahem, “Biden Administration” is arguably the most Jewish administration in history. Is that mere happenstance? Nope. Statistically, it couldn’t be. It’s deliberate.

True, the F.D. Roosevelt Administration was heavily Jewish, and ditto the Clinton Administration, but there are so many Jews in the “Biden Administration” that a list of them reads like the guest book at a NYC bar mitzvah. Is that a good thing? No. Jews are not genetically White, and they are famous for being political extremists. Hence the reason why America is not exactly running smoothly right now.

Given the fact that Jews make up only 2% (two percent) of the global population, having 15 Jews in top positions of the Biden Administration is both shocking and suspicious [1].

If Kamala Harris becomes president, her husband will be the first Jewish “First Gentleman” and the first “First Gentleman” (both).

Mind you, this list of Jewish officials in the Biden Administration may not be complete:

Merrick Garland, Attorney-General
Antony Blinken, Secretary of State
Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury
Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence
David Cohen, Deputy CIA Director
Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security
Rochelle Walensky, Director, Center for Disease Control
Ron Klain, Chief of Staff
Jeff Zients, COVID-19 Coordinator
Rachel Levine, Deputy Secretary, Health and Human Services
Anne Neuberger, Director of Cybersecurity, National Security Agency
Wendy Sherman, Deputy Secretary of State
Douglas Emhoff, husband of Vice President Kamala Harris
Jared Bernstein, member, Council of Economic Advisors
Eric Lander, Director, Office of Science & Technology Policy

[Article] and [Article].


[1] it depends also on how you define “top positions” in the Executive Branch. In this case, most of the people mentioned on the list are Cabinet-level people (i.e., Secretaries of “this” and “that,” plus the Chief of Staff)

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