18 September, 2021

Who Are the Real Extremists?, or, Covidians and Environmentalism

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It’s becoming clear: the ideology of the Covidian Cult and why some people believe that Covid is part of a twisted leftist/globalist agenda. Indeed, some leftists want a virus to ravage the world in order to thin the population — they have actually said that! It’s documented. And yet they dare to call us “extremists”! Nobody hates like a leftist (except a Jew). Leftists are dangerous and vicious haters of humanity. I once heard a leftist say that people are “cattle who must be controlled” (sometimes that’s true, but he was using the statement to refer to daily human life in general). Why are leftists such haters? Because of their “affect intensity.” They are more emotional than normal people. Also, leftists were born without the “logic gene.” They don’t think logically. What you know is a bad idea a leftist thinks is a good idea.


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