24 September, 2021

Why Celebrate Mexican Culture?

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Seen on the TV: a “travel” type of show that was basically a celebration of Mexican culture in the Southwestern U.S. The show featured Mexican food, low-rider cars, mariachi music, young gang-banger-type “Latino” men (cholos) acting tough while wearing bandanas and shirts buttoned at the top only, and so forth [1]. It was quite a spectacle.

As I watched the show, I wondered to myself, “why are they celebrating Mexican culture”? Because if you were a honest schoolteacher, and you were to grade Mexican culture, you’d give it a D, maybe even a D-minus. Mexicans have given the world hardly anything of value.

Mexico is a failed country. More than half of the 32 states in Mexico are controlled by drug cartels, and violence and corruption are everywhere. Here in America, street gangs are rampant in Mexican neighborhoods, and so are drugs and assorted crimes. Low-riders? They simply took our cars (i.e., White-made cars) and lowered them, for some reason. Big whoop. And most mariachi music sounds like carnival music.

Mexican culture is something to celebrate? Why? The only good things Mexicans have given the world are tacos and enchiladas. If those things are your only claims to fame, then your culture is basically worthless.


[1] granted, “Latino” is the wrong word for Mexicans. Latin was the White language used in ancient Rome.

  • 2 Responses to “Why Celebrate Mexican Culture?”

    1. Luke Says:

      I like both tacos and enchiladas, but would also give Mexicans a little extra credit for making a few brands of pretty good tasting beer.

      Dos Equis would be my favorite, followed by Tecate, then Corona Primeo.

      And, some brands of their tequila aren’t too bad either.

      Aside from those things, Mexico wouldn’t be missed if it got hit by a meteorite and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

      In fact, a lot of scientists have said that it got hit once before and that’s what formed the Yucatan Peninsula. I figure Jeebus had a few too many shots of tequila, realized what a huge mistake he made by creating mestizos and tossed a fireball down to Earth try to correct his mistake and due to the tequila, his aim was a little bit off.

    2. Socrates Says:

      “Mexican” beer is apparently Czech beer, only made in Mexico. The beer is made using 100-year-old Czech recipes.

      I like Bohemia, Pacifico and Negra Modelo.