23 September, 2021

Will Leftism Soon Collapse?

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Overheard (paraphrasing): “after this Covid-19 bullshit is over, leftism will be as popular as the Bubonic Plague.”

Indeed. Biden’s government is imploding. It is said that parts for cars and appliances are getting very scarce. Health workers are quitting due to “the jab” mandates. Drug and alcohol abuse is rampant. The citizens are fed up. (The final straw for the public will be when Kamala “Cackle!” Harris becomes president circa November 2021, due to Article 25 of the Constitution. She’s as popular as a turd in a punch-bowl — even liberals are dreading her upcoming “reign”; when she ran for president, she was polling at about 5% with liberals in her home state of California; that’s a terrible number for a liberal in a liberal state).

After the leftists nearly collapsed the entire Western economy with their Covid bullshit, who is going to want to support leftism? Who is going to believe the mainstream media anymore? Or the lies of the liberal governors? Who is going to give money to leftist groups? Few people will.

As they say, “leftists always over-reach” (they say that about Jews, too, and it’s true, just look at Holocaust memorials: there are 43 of them in every U.S. city!). Has the Left finally over-reached past the point of no return? Is another Trump-type guy (or 3 or 4) waiting just off-stage, ready to take over?

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    1. Luke Says:

      The thing about liberals, and this is especially true for jews on both the left and the fake right – they do not care one tiny bit about the destructive end results of their policies and agendas.

      For White libtards, this blankness of mind can be attributed to the fact that the vast majority of them are seriously mentally insane and combined with their uncontrollable compulsion to continue promoting their policies regardless of how destructive they have been ties in with their deeply ingrained narcissism. Their egos will not let them admit they are destructive.

      For jews on both the left and the fake right, they know exactly what they are doing by pushing endless destructive, subversive, immoral, degenerate and unhealthy agendas and policies – and this is WHY they do it. They harbor such an intense, deep rooted, pathological and psychopathic hatred for White Europeans and for Western civilization (as it was created by Whites) – that they are hell bent to destroy the West and to genocide White Europeans into extinction.

      For an example, look at how badly Newsom has wrecked California and yet, the leftists, Marxists, and Communists rallied behind him and poured tons of money into the recall election to make sure old Gavin stayed put so he could continue to wreck California even more than he has already. So, come 2022 and 2024, no matter who the Commie Ds have on their ticket – we will still see multiple millions of dollars being pumped into their campaign coffers.