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28 October, 2021

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Capitalism is logical. And it works usually. But it has problems. The main problem with capitalism is that it’s egalitarian by default, i.e., too often it benefits The Other. Jews, Blacks, Browns, queers and midgets can (and have) become millionaires and billionaires under capitalism. It can give non-Whites and freaks “a leg up” and they’ll […]

28 October, 2021

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Name one thing, just one thing, that Whites gain from globalism (such as the UN and NATO). (*buzz*) Time’s up. You can’t name one thing. Don’t bother trying. Globalism is a one-way street. Non-Whites win. Whites lose. White people: leave the UN and NATO immediately. End stupid international treaties, such as the Paris climate-change treaty. […]

27 October, 2021

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For 10 months, the “Covid-19 experts” told us that “the Covid vaccines are safe.” But now comes this, re: vaccinating children from the ages of 5 to 11 years old: “Dr. Eric Rubin: ‘We’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it, and that’s just the way it […]

27 October, 2021

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Covid-19 is over. The scam has been unmasked (pun intended). It may not be over for the media. They’ll still be talking about it in 2026. It may not be over for the governments of the West — they have a dark and twisted agenda. But for normal people, the giant scam is over. Finished. […]

27 October, 2021

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Robin, the Boy Wonder: “Holy estrogen, Batman! A brilliant woman discovered the Double Helix (DNA), but Evil White Men stole all the credit for it! Those Evil White Men are always doing that: stealing important things from innocent women, innocent Jews and innocent midgets! How dare they!” Batman: “Robin, have you forgotten that I’m a […]

26 October, 2021

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Seen on the web: a White guy saying: “I live in Northern Mexico, in a place called Houston, Texas.”

26 October, 2021

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This is a disturbing UK government report, for sure. Orwellian psyops (psychological operations). But: a big difference between America and Britain is: the Brits have long accepted heavy-handed governmental controls. The Americans? Not so much. We are much more freedom-loving than they are. In Britain, there are security video cameras on every street corner. It’s […]

26 October, 2021

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And to think, there’s no such thing as a “transgender” person! Do these elites also believe in the Tooth Fairy and Bigfoot? If not, why not? “For our cultural elites, transgenderism vies with environmentalism as the cause of the 21st century. As sociologist Michael Biggs notes, the ‘transgender movement has transformed cultural norms and social […]

26 October, 2021

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Profits über alles! (Profits above all else!). That’s the way big food corporations operate today. If they can save a few dollars by using unsafe ingredients from China, they will. Seen: a bag of (American) Halloween candy at a store. It had probably 200 pieces of candy in it, of various types. The ingredients label […]

25 October, 2021

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This is about Jews as a non-White, ethnic/racial group. Not as a religion [1]. Is every Jew in the world an evil person? Probably not (although, not being a Jew, it’s hard for me to know what thoughts course through a Jew’s brain). However, having said that, Jews have a nasty and historic habit of […]