19 October, 2021

Broken Supply Lines and the Coming Collapse of Commiefornia

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White people are still most of California’s tax base, because they have the money.

But don’t worry: as soon as the liberals get done destroying California with Covid mandates, the Mexinvasion and other bullshit, all of the Whites will flee the state and there goes the tax base, and after that (God willing) California will collapse into the ocean, never to be seen again, making Arizona a new beach state. How cool, I say, how cool will that be??? Yeah!

“In the meantime, though, America has a little transportation problem that a Secretary of Transportation might look into if he wasn’t so busy performing a gender reeducation parable for the Woke family values crowd. Namely, that federal rules combined with California Air Resource Board regulations are destroying the trucking industry, a major link in the broken supply-chains for the gazillion products and parts that an advanced technological economy needs to keep on keeping on.”


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