18 October, 2021

California Governor Says a Foolish Green Marxism Law Will Help the State

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No, a foolish green Marxism law won’t help the state, because liberalism is a weapon. Like socialism (which is less revolutionary) and communism (which is more revolutionary), leftism is a weapon against White Western culture. A weapon against Normal White People. Expecting liberalism to help your state is like expecting poison to improve your health. It won’t [1].

Liberal ideas have been so discredited that it’s amazing that people still embrace them. Name a state that has been improved by leftism. You can’t. Because again, leftism was not designed to improve anything. (Canada and California are two good examples of liberalism not improving anything, only harming the citizens and the economy).

“Newsome added in a press release (October 9): “In a time when the state and country are more divided than ever, this legislative session reminds us what we can accomplish together. I am thankful for our partners in the state Legislature who furthered our efforts to tackle the state’s most persistent challenges – together, we took action to address those challenges head-on, implementing historic legislation and the California Comeback Plan to hit fast forward on our state’s recovery.”

At one point, a dozen California cities were bankrupt (e.g., Vallejo, Stockton, San Bernardino — which is shocking when you realize how high the taxes are in California. What are they doing with all the tax dollars? Flushing them down toilets? Why are the cities bankrupt? They’re bankrupt because California is a police state: the government(s) controls everybody from cradle to grave, which of course costs big money).



[1] ultimately, big-government liberalism springs from socialism (which was founded by 3 Jews: Moses Hess, Eduard Bernstein and Ferdinand Lassalle) and communism (which was founded by 1 Jew: Karl Marx). Liberalism can be called “a Jewish construct” — but isn’t it funny how Rush Limbaugh and president Ronald Reagan never referred to liberalism as “Jewish”; Reagan himself discredited many liberal ideas all by himself. The U.S. economy was great under Reagan (and under Trump, too!): in 1987 there were so many jobs available that you could find one in an hour, yet, the liberals lie and say just the opposite. Even today, the liberals scream “Reagan increased the deficit!!” — yeaaah, riiiggghhhttt, as if the liberals have ever given two damns about massive government spending/debt! In fact, liberals love massive government spending/debt!

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