7 October, 2021

Communism: It Never Dies. It Keeps Reappearing All Over the World

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Just when you think that communism might be dead, you realize that it won’t ever be dead, because this world is full of idiots who believe in it, even though communism has never worked as claimed (i.e., never in history has “the state withered away to produce a utopia for the citizens”).

In this case, we are not talking about the usual economic Marxism, we are instead talking about Cultural Marxism, which is actually more dangerous than regular Marxism because it requires no armies or tanks or guns to install it into a country. It only requires some stupid teachers and some ridiculous books. Regardless, like regular Marxism, C.M. is a disease: you catch it from Jews [1].

Anyway, it looks like someone’s been reading Chairman Mao! Mr. Mao, of course, was the biggest mass-murderer in history, and he used a Jewish ideology (Marxism) to slaughter millions of his own people. And to think, some people actually take Mao seriously! (e.g., in the 1960s, his book, known as “Mao’s Little Red Book” was popular).

This “forced repenting of political/social crimes” is right out of 1960s China. During that time, Chinese citizens were forced to publicly confess to political and social “crimes” (e.g., forced to say, “I’m sorry for not supporting the Communist Party vigorously enough!”) [2]. That this type of thing would happen in America is both comical and scary. (One reason why it’s happening: school children aren’t warned about the dangers of Marxism/radical leftism. They are only warned about “Nazism” and “racism”; that must change and soon).

“In materials prepared for its more than 1.5 million members, The Salvation Army uses terms that echo both radical “anti-racism” jargon and the divisive teachings of critical race theory, which divides people into two camps: the oppressors and the oppressed.”

“The biggest attack on Salvationists, however, is an admonition that they “repent” and offer “a sincere apology” for racism. In Section Four—called “Describe and Plan: How Then Shall We Live?”—the authors tell members that “the need to receive a sincere apology is necessary.”

Fact: most White people have never committed any type of racism against non-Whites. So what are White people apologizing for? Simply for being White? I think that’s it: White people must apologize for the “crime” of being White, of being successful, of creating the Western world — indeed, of giving the world to mankind (including giving it democracy and the concept of free speech! And look what they did with those things!!).



[1] Cultural Marxism came from the Jewish, Frankfurt School teachers and their associates. Critical Race Theory is a modern off-shoot of Critical Theory, which emerged in the 1930s.

[2] these public confessions by Chinese citizens were also called “struggle sessions.” The citizens were forced to admit to various political “crimes” before a crowd of people. The confessions often occurred at the workplaces of the accused “criminals” or at sports stadiums.

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    1. Klapperschlange Says:

      The capitalist big banks funded the Bolsheviks and some of the names of contemporary nomenklatura apparatchiks sound very similar to those from one hundred years ago.
      WWII was an epic disaster for humanity as the NSDAP was 100% serious about ending communism once and for all.
      This is really what brought Hitler to power as the people were tired of the smashing and burning communists in the streets of the cities.
      The comrades view the cities as their territory and esteemed CPUSA party member comrade kommissar Billy Ayers said so in his 1973 Weather Underground manifesto Prairie Fire.
      Barry Soetoro or Obama launched his political career in the Ayers’ family living room back in the mid 1990’s.