2 October, 2021

Film: Remembering What Could Have Been

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Triumph of the Will (1935), a German documentary by Leni Riefenstahl.

Everyone should see this documentary at least once. (Those who say that “Hitler doomed Germany” are entirely misinformed. The “allies” began blacklisting and sabotaging Hitler soon after he took office in 1933. Jews, of course, led the push for anti-Hitler actions, especially the American-based millionaire Samuel Untermyer and Bernard Baruch. Did you know that American president F.D. Roosevelt declared war on Germany before Germany declared war on America? Yes. Roosevelt’s September 11, 1941 “shoot German ships on sight” order for American ships was a de facto declaration of war [1]. The only way it wouldn’t have been was if U.S. ships would never, ever see a German ship. But of course they would see German ships, because the U.S. was escorting British ships across the ocean beginning September 13! Of course they would see German ships! War was guaranteed to begin within 3 months, tops. And it did. That war-monger FDR was looking for war and so Hitler said to him on December 11, “okay, crippled commie, if you want war, you’ve got it!” FDR started WWII re: America vs. Germany. To be clear: England and America started the war against Hitler).

[Video; 1 hour, 44 minutes, English subtitles].

Plus, some Hermann Göring miscellaneous items (13 pages).



[1] “Roosevelt publicly confirmed the “shoot on sight” order on 11 September 1941, effectively declaring naval war against Germany and Italy in the Battle of the Atlantic.” — Wikipedia, Oct. 2021

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