7 October, 2021

Global Warming: Where?

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In February 2019, it snowed in Los Angeles for the first time in 60 years; it also snowed in February 2019 in Las Vegas (a rarity) and twice in Tucson, AZ. (twice per year is nearly unheard of there). Also, three feet of snow fell in Montana in late September 2019. But winter doesn’t begin until December 21. That doesn’t sound like global warming.

Where’s this “global warming due to human CO2 use” that all the leftists keep yelling about? I’m not seeing it.

And now comes this information via the media:

“Antarctica (the South Pole) has posted its coldest winter since records began in 1957 with average temperatures of -61.1° C (which is -78° F.). The previous record was -60.6°C in 1976.” (C = celsius, or centigrade as it was previously called).

Again, I ask: where is this “global warming due to mankind’s CO2 use”?? Not seeing it. (Trivia: the “climate change scientists” are almost exclusively Jewish — in fact, the two godfathers of the ecology-pest movement are likely Dr. Barry Commoner and Dr. Stephen Schneider. Both were Jews. Another, more-infamous eco-pest was also a Jew: Ira Einhorn, the founder of Earth Day in 1970 and a convicted killer. Jews seem to be attracted to the eco-pest movement (tikkun olam??).

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