13 October, 2021

Homosexual Traits

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(This refers mostly to male homosexuals)

Homosexuals are known for:

— Being self-centered (“me first, always”);
— The inability to withstand criticism;
— Pathological lying;
— Loving themselves and hating themselves simultaneously; they often admire themselves in the bathroom mirror;
— Being yakkity (i.e., habitual aimless, pointless talking);
— Gossiping and rumor-spreading;
— Being “attention hogs” (they love being the center of attention);
— Risk-taking;
— Extreme neatness/tidiness regarding their homes, cars and physical appearance; queers embrace thinness, youthfulness, hairlessness and muscularity; I once knew a queer who washed and vacuumed his car every 3 days;
— Illegal drug use;
— Hating women and hating womens’ genitals;
— Enjoying rough/aggressive/dangerous sex, e.g., “fisting” and anal licking;
— Making fun of other people, often in a cruel manner;
— Feminine mannerisms (in males; but not always) [1];
— Having hepatitis (so many queers have hepatitis — due to their unclean sexual habits — that they should be considered “public health threats”);
— Engaging in self-destructive behavior, e.g., suicide, cutting themselves.


[1] some male queers are “Bears,” i.e., short, fat, bearded and somewhat ugly, and are not slim, neatness freaks like regular queers.

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    1. Aesop's Fables Says:

      Homos are OK when both chicks are hot.