25 October, 2021

Illegal Aliens Are Child Abusers

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Every Mexican illegal alien is guilty of felony child abuse, if they have children.

The illegal aliens either 1) bring their small children with them when they sneak across the U.S. southern border; or 2) allow their children to travel alone to the border, where they then sneak in without mommy or daddy. Either way, that’s felony child abuse. This says a lot about Mexicans. People who love their children, and care for them deeply, don’t expose the children to dehydration, heatstroke, hunger, disease, snakes, and possibly kidnapping, sexual assault and even murder [1]. (And to think, Crazy Joe Biden’s immigration policies have greatly increased the likelihood of Mexican children being put in unsafe situations! I thought liberals were “kind and compassionate”? That doesn’t sound like kindness and compassion to me).


[1] some Mexicans travel hundreds of miles to the border, with little food or water. They risk encountering criminals all along the way, and especially near the border. Rape and robbery are common among illegal aliens. So are diseases, such as hepatitis, measles, worms, and tuberculosis .

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