12 October, 2021

It Really Was All About Trump, and His Supporters

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Some quotes are more important than others. Here are two important ones (bold text is mine). Note that beginning on Day 1 of Donald Trump’s candidacy, i.e., that day in June 2015 that Trump announced that he was running for president, the media has constantly attacked him. And, one Jew declared that he would impeach Trump even before Trump took office! The Great Unraveling of America in 2020 was all about Trump and his right-wing populist supporters. The media and the Jews didn’t just hate Trump. No. They feared Trump like a vampire fears sunlight. Because Trump wasn’t a professional politician. He was an unknown, an outsider, and he was loved, not simply tolerated like Bush. Jews get scared when White people love populist leaders [1]. That’s why Huey Long was assassinated by a Jew one month after he announced he was running for president [2].

“Since the start of the Trump years, we’ve been introduced to a new kind of news story, which assumes adults can’t handle multiple ideas at once, and has reporters frantically wrapping facts deemed dangerous, unorthodox, or even just insufficiently obvious in layers of disclaimers.”


“This lunacy started with the Great Lie Debate of 2016, when reporters and editors spent months publicly anguishing over whether to use “lie” in headlines of Donald Trump stories, then loudly congratulated themselves once they decided to do it.”



[1] maybe 3 years ago, a major Hollywood celebrity (I honestly don’t recall his name) said, paraphrasing: “Donald Trump scares me, and if he has many millions of followers like they say, then he really, really scares me!” He made some sort of allusion to Nazis and Hitler. This tells you nearly everything you need to know about why the November 2020 election was stolen, and why Trump is not just hated, but FEARED by the usual suspects. It’s not hate. Like Adolf Hitler before him, it’s fear, first and foremost. Strangely, the fact that Trump is the best friend Israel ever had
counts for nothing: the Jews still fear him.

[2] the assassin, named Carl Austin Weiss, came from a Jewish family which converted to Catholicism. “Strangely,” the media never mentions that Weiss was a Jew.

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    1. Luke Says:

      And, as if this excellent theory on why the jews hated Trump and his White supporters needed any more evidence to support it – take a look at this jew Éric Zemmour over in France, who the jews have trotted out to try to snuff out Marine Le Pen’s chances of kicking Macron’s sorry butt out of power.

      Jews are pathologically obsessed with their hatred for White Europeans and they are capable of doing anything, up to and including MURDER, to try to prevent any White nation from electing a pro-White, Populist, Nationalist to run their country.

      This is not to suggest that Le Pen is any more trustworthy on the issue of racial loyalty to her people than was the Orange Man. Last I heard, she’s sleeping with a guy who is jewish. And,
      she seldom misses an opportunity to kiss jewish ass, in the same way the Orange Man did for four straight years. But, in either case, all that groveling to the jews did not win them any favors.

      I hope the French are not so stupid as to put another jew in charge of their nation. Remember Sarkozy and the speech that rat made where he THREATENED the White French and demanded that they must start race mixing with black Africans?