14 October, 2021

Q: Why Is She In Charge? A: Affirmative Action Laws

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Women have way too much power in the Western world. Most schoolteachers are women. That’s not good if you want to keep the West “Western” and unfeminized.

Look at Europe: one woman (Angela Merkel, Germany’s first female chancellor) destroyed Germany all by herself. Note that Germany is Europe’s most powerful country — or it was. Merkel’s “let’s flood Germany with Third World immigrants!” idea will soon plunge Germany into 5th-rank status.

In America, entire states are being destroyed by women wearing the man-pants, e.g., Michigan and New York.

In fact, and I’ve said this before, so many women are in power-positions today that the West can no longer be considered “Western.” Women don’t have “Western” brains, they have “I must please everybody including Blacks, Browns and queers” brains. When you try to please everybody by bargaining, nobody wins, because nobody ends up with what they wanted from the bargain. They just get bread crumbs, no actual bread. If you’ve ever had a female boss, you know this: weak, stop-gap, please-them-all decisions don’t work for anybody; and if you complain about Boss Lady’s job performance, you’ll find her crying in the bathroom at lunchtime. That is today’s “leadership.” (I’ve had two different female bosses. One was pretty capable until the pressure was on, then watch out! She’d scream at everybody, even the innocent, and then cry, and then apologize to everyone, repeat, repeat, repeat). The West will continue to decline until we return to sexually-segregated workplaces (all-male and all-female — although I have heard quite a few times that women actually prefer male bosses).


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