24 October, 2021

Race: They Are Faking It

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The whole “anti-racism” movement is fake. Just consider this “racial audit” baloney on Wall Street. It’s propaganda. It’s phony. It’s Cultural Marxism out of control.

Look at it this way: On Monday, the Left says “a person’s race doesn’t matter! There’s only one race: the human race!” (trademark/copyright Klineberg [1]). But on Wednesday, the Left says “you don’t employ enough Black people!” Well, which is it? Can’t have both. Either race matters or it doesn’t. (When will Wall Street investment banks address the important issue of: way too many Jews on Wall Street?).



[1] “There is no race but the human race” declared Otto Klineberg, a Jewish “race expert” and a buddy of the famous Jewish fraud, Franz Boas, in 1935. Is that why Jews practice eugenics? Because “race doesn’t matter”? Hmmmm?

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