28 October, 2021

Stupid White People Allow Brownskins and Slants to Play in Their Clubhouse. Why?

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Name one thing, just one thing, that Whites gain from globalism (such as the UN and NATO). (*buzz*) Time’s up. You can’t name one thing. Don’t bother trying. Globalism is a one-way street. Non-Whites win. Whites lose.

White people: leave the UN and NATO immediately. End stupid international treaties, such as the Paris climate-change treaty. Go your own way, White men. (Why did you allow secret supercomputer technology to go to China in the 1990s, White men? Are you fools? Yes, you are fools. And why is China allowed to have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, for Hell’s sake?? Yes, you are fools. Stop being fools, White men. Stop inching towards war with Russia just because the Jews fear Putin and want America to “stop him once and for all.” And Taiwan? Well, I’m sure they’re nice people. But let them ask Japan for help. Taiwan isn’t America’s business. Think White and act White, you fools).

“The first session in Sochi went a long way in terms of framing our current predicament, starting with how the current incandescent US-China clash is unfolding.

Thomas Graham, from the Council on Foreign Relations – the conceptual matrix of the US establishment – recited the proverbial “indispensable nation” platitudes and how it’s “prepared to defend Taiwan,” even as he admitted, “the Biden administration is still articulating its policy.”


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