5 October, 2021

The New Covid Deadlines: Global in Scope. Who Issues the Orders?

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I’m starting to get a funny feeling that this Covid-19 thing was all planned beforehand. What about you? What?? You’re not getting a funny feeling about it???? Oh. Okay, then. Must be just me.

It must be just a Cohencidence that, worldwide, October 15th is the new deadline for getting mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations (e.g., in Canada, Angola, Australia, Italy, Chicago). After Oct. 15, you can’t work unless you’ve had “the jab” (but, 2 jabs? 3? Who knows?). Why is it just that vaccine? Why don’t they do the same thing for: flu vaccines, measles vaccines, etc.? Why only this vaccine — even though deaths from this vaccine are far more likely than from any previous vaccine? Does that make any sense?

Australia: “Authorised workers must have their first vaccine shot by Oct. 15 and their second by Nov. 26 or face being banned from their workplaces.”

Quebec: “Quebec could suspend about 15,000 health-care workers on Oct. 15 for not being fully vaccinated.”

Italy: “Italy requires COVID-19 pass for all workers from Oct. 15.”

Chicago: “Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Friday promised unspecified “consequences” for city workers who don’t meet an Oct. 15 deadline to get vaccinated against COVID-19.”

New Jersey: “We monitor this on a daily basis,” said Dr. John Matsinger, chief operating officer for the Virtua Health system, whose staff faces an Oct. 15 deadline for full vaccination.”

Los Angeles: “Friday Last Day For LAUSD Employees To Get First COVID-19 Vaccine Dose Before Oct. 15 Deadline.”

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