10 October, 2021

Who Really Runs America Right Now?

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How much of this is spot-on and how much isn’t? I ask because, as we know, as soon as you dig deeper into political things, “you eventually run into big noses and small hats” (a tip of the hat to S. Sinistrari). Indeed, Biden’s administration is full of Jews (15, I believe, a record, or nearly so).

“Joe Biden is not running America. Check out poor Joe’s press conferences. As soon as his empty mind starts to wander, or the press asks him any question more difficult than, “What is your favorite flavor ice cream?” someone cuts off his microphone. Who? Who makes that decision? Who gives that order?”


  • One Response to “Who Really Runs America Right Now?”

    1. Kwanzilla Says:

      Emhoff, Klain, Pelosi, The Squad, The ADL, CCP, too many to mention.