12 November, 2021

Eric Clapton Speaks Out About the Toxic Covid Jab

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“Clapton said, ‘I’ve found people a bit like me, but it’s been difficult in the last couple of years, especially with, you know, mainstream media turning.’”


About 90% of the problems in the West can be ultimately traced to the media. Ours is a monolithic, Jewish-owned media that thinks and acts as one single entity. It’s like all of the media outlets are one outlet, whether in America, Canada, or Britain. They all spout the same leftist crap.

Also, ever notice how Trump Derangement Syndrome and Covid Derangement Syndrome are very similar? Each is media-driven. Each is international, not just local. Each afflicts fanatics who engage in cult-like behavior, people who are even willing to engage in criminal behavior to further their goals (Covidians have been caught vaccinating schoolchildren against their parents’ wishes; and anti-Trumpers stole the 2020 election). Each syndrome is based on emotion and fear, not on logic.


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