7 November, 2021

Menstrual Products For Men. My God!

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Okay, this bullshit has gone far enough. It’s time for normal, White people to say “no” to all forms of Cultural Marxism, wherever they may be.

Last time I checked, a man doesn’t have a uterus. No uterus? Then no menstruation. It’s literally impossible.

Newbies, you can trace this “men can be women” problem directly to postmodernist philosophy (aka, postMarxism). Postmodernism is a 90% Jewish movement [1]. It’s famous for denying reality. It says that “there is no uniform reality, no one reality, since every person experiences reality differently” [2]. A good example is American Indian tribes. Some Indians believe odd things, like “that owl is the reincarnation of my dead father!” and we’re supposed to support that idea. Same type of thing with “men can be women.” Postmodernism basically says, “if you believe it, then it’s true.” This is the kind of crap that’s pushed by Jewish intellectual philosophers such as Jacques Derrida and Ludwig Wittgenstein; it started out in literature but spread to nearly everything. So today, “a man can become a woman” if you believe it. (Trivia: there was an episode of the TV comedy series “Seinfeld” in which George said to Jerry: “Remember, Jerry: it’s not a lie if you believe it”).

Add postmodernism to Cultural Marxism and you can put the blame for “men can be women” baloney squarely on the Jewish intellectuals in the Western universities.

All of the states need to defund the universities until they stop teaching Cultural Marxism and other dangerous baloney. Do you really think that teaching Cultural Marxism creates a healthy society? It does just the opposite: it ruins healthy societies and ruins healthy minds. Wake up, Red State people. And to think, they call the Jan. 6 protestors (many of whom are still in jail) “dangerous”! As if destroying America with Cultural Marxism and postmodernism isn’t dangerous! As if! All Jewish intellectuals who push that garbage should be in prison for subversion.

A news quote: “Cornell University Offering Baskets of Free ‘Mxnstrual’ Products in Men’s Restrooms; Cornell U. is now offering baskets of free menstrual products in all public women’s, men’s and “all-gender” bathrooms on campus.”



[1] Postmodernism has deep Jewish roots (e.g., Max Scheler, and a few other Jews who influenced Scheler, such as Karl Mannheim, Edmund Husserl and Alfred Schutz; and Jacques Derrida, and also the Jewish writer/columnist Walter Lippmann. Importantly for us, the main feature of postmodernism is social constructionism, which says: “almost everything in society is a man-made social construct.” It’s artificial, in other words. Forced upon society by evil White men. Although it’s not entirely Jewish (it has a few gentile nutjobs such as the homosexual child-molester Michel Foucault), you can call social constructionism “at least 90% Jewish in origin, maybe even 95%”. So ultimately, the core of postmodern philosophy is Jewish.

[2] Re: reality: that really isn’t true. For example, if you hit 100 people with a hammer, each of them would experience pain and yell “owww!” (unless one of them had an odd physical defect). As another example: 20 million White citizens know and can sing the Lynyrd Skynyrd song “Sweet Home Alabama” and it’ll sound nearly the same each time they sing it, albeit off-key as a rule. Most White people experience nearly the same reality except for politics.

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