4 November, 2021

The Soulless Battle for Our Souls. Funny!

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About all that can be said about the Catholics is this:

If the Catholic authorities knew about widespread “kiddie diddling” (child molesting) by priests in America and they did nothing about it except to move the diddling priests around to various other states (from, say, Texas to Ohio) to cover up the diddling, then those Catholics are evil. And apparently they knew all about it. For decades. Indeed, organized religion is like organized crime, except the mafia uses pistols and rope, and the churches use politics and money. Other than that, it’s almost the same evil. Am I comparing the church to the mafia? More or less. If you’re talking about the rich, politically-connected, global church travelers who use religion as a tool to gain power and influence, regardless of who might get hurt by the Holy Cult Of Jesus H. Christ (in this case, innocent kids), then yes, they and the mafia are as one. The same evil. Only the tools and raiments are different.


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