15 November, 2021

Why Do They Care Who Exploits You?

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Re: yesterday’s post about the Left/Right political debate (“Listening to Leftists is Tiring, or, Keeping It Simple”; Nov. 14, 2021):

I often hear leftists say that “capitalism is immoral, perhaps even evil, because it exploits the worker. The capitalists get rich by exploiting the poor workers; the capitalists pay the workers peanuts while they rake in the money.”

That sounds like a great argument against the right-wing and capitalism. But it isn’t.

If you live in a communist (Cuba) or a socialist (Venezuela) country, then the government is exploiting you. It’s using you. You’re nothing but a human robot, a drone, a slave. The communists/socialists control your entire life, from cradle to grave.

Why do the leftists care who exploits you? Either way — capitalism or Marxism — you’re being exploited, used, and abused. Why do the leftists care who is using and abusing you? Isn’t any abuse wrong?

The answer, of course, is that leftism is all about hate. The leftists hate White Western culture and anything connected with it. Capitalism is strongly connected with Western culture. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with small, mom-and-pop capitalism. It’s been around for centuries. It’s big, corporate (Jewish) capitalism that’s the problem [1][2]. (Regardless, I’d rather be exploited by a private factory owner than by a communist regime any day; the private boss has much less power; he can’t throw me into a prison cell).

So, once again, we can see that leftist political arguments sound great on the surface, but they can’t withstand scrutiny. Leftism is a magician’s trick, sleight-of-hand if you will.


[1] “My own view is, as I may say in anticipation, that the importance of the Jews was twofold. On the one hand, they influenced the outward form of modern capitalism; on the other, they gave expression to its inward spirit. Under the first heading, the Jews contributed no small share in giving to economic relations the international aspect they bear to-day; in helping the modern state, that framework of capitalism, to become what it is; and lastly, in giving the capitalistic organization its peculiar features, by inventing a good many details of the commercial machinery which moves the business life of to-day, and by co-operating in the perfecting of others. Under the second heading, the importance of the Jews is so enormous because they, above all others, endowed economic life with its modern spirit; they seized upon the essential idea of capitalism and carried it to its fullest development.”

From the book “The Jews and Modern Capitalism” by Prof. Werner Sombart; New York; E.P. Dutton and Company, 1915, page 21, web edition. In other words, Jews played an outsized role in modern, or big, capitalism.

[2] big capitalism is also called “finance-capitalism” — meaning, for example, that Wall Street investment banks engage in it for the sole purpose of making huge amounts of money quickly, which can soon lead to a “speculation economy” which in turn can cause a financial crash of the economy. See, for example, “the subprime mortgage crisis” of 2008

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