25 December, 2021

How I Met Dr. William Pierce

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(Sadly, I never met Dr. William Pierce in person. When I say I “met” him, I mean that I “met” his essays, his videotaped public speeches, and his radio shows. Pierce was the biggest influence on me becoming a White Nationalist, especially his landmark essay “Who Rules America?” That essay and the National Vanguard Books mail-order catalogues led directly to me becoming a White Nationalist circa 1993). (Alex Linder was also a big influence on me from circa 2000 onward. He was briefly my webmaster, in fact, when I started a website way back when. I consider Alex to be a “younger, more-modern version of Dr. Pierce” although he may not agree with that description. The early, multi-colored VNN website circa 1998 contained writing by Alex that cannot be matched by anyone today: brilliant, trenchant, no-holds-barred stuff; he’s a writer, I’m just a poster. Big difference there).

In circa 1992, I ordered a military item by mail. I don’t recall exactly what item it was, but I think it was a military medal of the type worn on an officer’s uniform. When the item finally arrived, inside the package were several catalogs and flyers of a political nature. One of the catalogs was titled “National Vanguard Books Catalog” which I had never heard of before [1]. It offered maybe 200 different books for sale, plus there was a big article, with photos, in the middle of the catalog, called “Who Rules America?”

I read the article “Who Rules America?” It was about Hollywood and the American news media. And, while I found it interesting, I also found it far-fetched. The article claimed that Jews controlled Hollywood and the American media. I had never heard this claim before, and so I was skeptical of the claim.

Weeks passed and I read the “Who Rules America?” article again. I decided to investigate some of the claims made in it for myself. I decided to ask around about it, and to also go to the local library as well. Mind you, this was before the internet, which wasn’t in place until circa 1996 and then it was mostly email stuff, very few websites.

My investigations into the “Jewish matter” turned up the fact that Jews were disproportionately involved with Hollywood. In fact, they founded Hollywood. So, that lent some credence to the catalog’s claims. But I still needed more proof than just that essay.

I was able to locate one of the books that was sold in the catalog: it was called “They Dare To Speak Out” by U.S. congressman Paul Findley. I read it and it seemed to be factual. So, I became reasonably sure that the claims made in the catalog concerning Jewish power in America were true. But I still needed more convincing. So I did more research. It took months.

The bottom line is this: I tried and tried to catch Dr. Pierce telling a lie or pushing untrue propaganda. But I couldn’t. Also, Pierce was a “Holocaust denier”? No, he wasn’t. He never said that “Jews, communists and homosexuals didn’t die in any of the German-run concentration camps.” Very few people say that.

So, if Dr. Pierce says “X” is true, then it’s true. Period. His factual track record is 50 times better than that of any mainstream media outlet. If you want the truth, then read/listen to Dr. Pierce. While it’s possible that Pierce may have made a factual error or two by accident at some point in time, I have not yet discovered them. He seems very thorough in his research. (I am told that Pierce had a world-class library — i.e., the National Alliance book store and his own personal book collection as well — and in fact I’ve seen parts of that library in a video)[2].


[1] as near as I can tell, the NV Books catalogs began in circa 1990.

[2] “Dr. Pierce was like a “book magnet,” attracting donations of many valuable volumes, many of them rare, out of print editions, which were entrusted to him because of his integrity — and the likelihood they would be put to good use.” — from the National Alliance Bulletin, March 2017.

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