24 December, 2021

Meme: Jim Snow

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(Above: Congressman Emanuel Celler of New York).

I had not heard of this meme before now: anti-White “Jim Snow” laws and tactics (as opposed to the old “Jim Crow” racial-segregation laws); these are anti-White laws such as the horrible Civil Rights Act of 1964. Since all of the civil rights laws are based on the 14th Amendment, those laws are bogus and illegal because the 14th Amendment was not ratified properly, and that’s a historical fact. (So-called “civil rights” are not mentioned in the U.S. constitution, nor did our Founding Fathers mention them).

Importantly, the two godfathers of the American “civil rights” movement were Jews: Congressman Emanuel Celler (1888-1981) and political activist Arnold Aronson (1911-1998); the latter nearly built the “civil rights” movement single-handedly, being the “boss” of the movement for its first 13 years, beginning in 1950 [1][2]. When I say “Jews” I refer to their genes, not to their religion; many Jewish radicals are not religious.

“For years, I’ve been calling this Jim Snow America—the reverse of the much-denounced Jim Crow laws designed to contain black criminality—but I think we’ve since moved on to the White Genocide Project.”



[1] “‘Civil Rights’ is Jewish tyranny in blackface” — Alex Linder.

[2] Almost as important as Aronson in the civil rights movement were two other Jews connected to Aronson: Joe Rauh, a lawyer, who was a major lobbyist for Aronson’s Leadership Conference on Civil Rights on Capitol Hill, and Marvin Caplan, Aronson’s top lieutenant.

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