11 December, 2021

One Reason Why Covid Hysteria Is So Powerful

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Covid-19 hysteria has taken over America. Even people who we thought were logical and sensible have gotten their thinking twisted around by endless Covid lies. They’ve become totalitarians who demand that everybody be vaccinated 5 times (next month it’ll be 7 times, plus double-face-mask mandates).

Why is Covid hysteria so rampant? Why do people hate each other now? One reason is: it’s hard to have a cohesive, tight-knit, united, caring-and-compassionate nation when we are no longer a nation! “Nation” means “a group of people who are alike” (e.g., the Japanese). America has not been “a group of people who are alike” since circa 1965, thanks to non-White immigration and endless cultural friction caused by the Cohens, the Goldbergs and the Weinsteins (see “the Jewish founders of the New Left”). It’s hard to care deeply for people who aren’t like you.

“…Until we give humans as a community, a sense of belonging and responsibility for each other, and break free of this idea that we’re just economic units and whoever dies with the most toys wins, and instead, we move to a space that is fundamentally a more spiritual space.”


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