23 December, 2021

Rock Roots

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“Rock and roll is nigger, pure and simple. Adding a drug-soaked white face to a guitar and bellowing “kill da juice”, doesn’t change things one bit. Behavior tells all and that will always be the main test.” — Robert Frenz of the FAEM website.

Well, I half-agree with Frenz. One branch of rock and roll was negro (i.e., blues-based). The other branch was founded by Bill Haley (and his Comets), which was rockabilly, which was not blues-based. Some of “modern rock” is not blues-based, e.g., “progressive rock” e.g., Jethro Tull, Yes, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Granted, most of modern rock is blues-based, e.g., Led Zeppelin, who I admit to liking. In fact, some blues-based rock is excellent, sadly enough (Whites should avoid it, but, I grew up on it, so, that’s a sticky situation for sure…heck, I even listened to Jimi Hendrix at age 17. Yeah, sad, I know…).

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