17 December, 2021

Two Good Points About Leftism and Socialism

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VNN Forum poster Fico made two good points about leftism and socialism.

1. As America becomes less White due to immigration, support for socialism will increase, because Blacks and Browns are more likely to see the government as “daddy” (explain this fact to your favorite patriotard who thinks that non-White immigration is okay “as long as the immigrants come here legally”; that won’t help us, sonny boy!).

2. Leftists are people who come from dysfunctional families which do not prepare children for adult life. (Even worse than that: leftists lack the “common sense gene,” which is why leftists must not be allowed to hold public office, which I’ve said many times but will keep on saying until people wake up and smell the friggin’ coffee; in fact, I’ll go even further than that: leftists should not be allowed to vote or have children. Only sane adults should enjoy those rights).

More about socialism in America: [Here] (unsurprisingly, women favor socialism more than men by a good margin).

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