21 January, 2022

A Great Point About Green Marxism

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The National Socialists (aka, Nazis) used to complain about “Jewish science” and rightfully so: many scientific “theories” come from flaky Jewish “scientists” like Magnus Hirschfeld and Albert Einstein (who stole E=MC2 from an Italian named Olinto De Pretto; even worse, that famous E=MC2 theory is wrong)[1].

Did you know that global warming/climate change “science” is all based on “computer models” that predict “warming”? A fancy computer “predicts” (via faulty data) that the earth will “warm up” by 2 or 3 degrees within 20 to 30 years due to evil White men doing X, Y or Z. It’s all bullshit. Most of the big names pushing environmental/climate change baloney are, you guessed it, Jews, the first being probably Dr. Barry Commoner circa 1970 (i.e., they were/are Jews genetically speaking, not religiously speaking) [2].

Trivia: the Middle Ages (circa 1400) were warmer than today. The earth’s weather varies from century to century, and the climate wackos know that, but they’re too busy waging war on “evil, White, oppressive males” to bother with that. Green Marxism is another way of attacking White Western culture, which was of course created by White men — how dare they create the world! The nerve of White men!

“This brings us to another important point: Apocalyptic warmist dogma is buttressed by the virtually unchallenged assumption that if man changes something “natural,” it is by definition bad. But this is prejudice. Most of us certainly don’t believe this, for instance, when humans cure disease and use science to preserve and extend human life (or that of our pets).

As for climate, there have been at least five major ice ages, and “the most recent one began approximately 3 million years ago and continues today (yes, we live in an ice age!),” informs the Utah Geological Survey. Then there was the Cryogenian period, during which the Earth was completely, or almost completely, covered with snow and ice. If man had existed during that time, would it have been bad if his activities had raised the temperature a couple of degrees?”



[1] “Einstein is responsible for the popular ideas among the general public and even some scientists that ordinary matter has the potential to be converted into enormous amounts of energy. This idea is simply not true.” [Here].

[2] Time magazine called Commoner “the Paul Revere of ecology” although he did not focus on “global warming/climate change” as a specialty. He did, however, popularize the ecology/environmental movement, e.g., with his 1971 bestselling book “The Closing Circle”; Commoner started out as an anti-nuclear activist and then branched out into ecology in general.

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