2 January, 2022

Book Quote

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“Western civilization is undeniably a ‘jewified’ civilization, however offensive the word may be to our ears because of the ugly use made of it by anti-Semites…Anti-Semites believed that Jews were everywhere, and in a sense they were almost everywhere that counted in modern society, in significantly greater numbers than strict proportionality would have assured.” [1].

— from the book “Esau’s Tears: Modern Antisemitism and the Rise of the Jews” (England; Cambridge University Press, 1997) by Jewish historian Albert S. Lindemann; pages 19 and 20.


[1] Indeed, 20th-century America was so “Jewified” that it was incredible: Hollywood, the media, banking, publishing — all were dominated by ethnic — not necessarily religious — Jews. Consider Hollywood: it was founded by Jews and is still Jewish today.

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