21 January, 2022

Chile: a New Allende Coming?

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There are 4 countries with large White populations in South America [1]. They must remain stable, or Marxism could emerge in those countries and spread to nearby countries.

The far-leftist Gabriel Boric won the election in Chile in 2021 and he will become president in March 2022. There are people who warn that Boric will be another Salvador Allende, the “undercover” Marxist who brought communism to Chile circa 1972. Boric hasn’t even taken office yet, but he’s already sounding like Allende, Jr. (Trivia: Allende was also a Jew. His mother Laura was Belgian/Jewish, making him Jewish according to Jewish religious law. Laura converted to Catholicism).

“Boric is the driving force behind Chile’s abrupt changing of the guard. He belongs to a radical generation of student leaders who are grimly determined to bury dictator Augusto Pinochet’s bitter legacy once and for all.”

“Bitter legacy”? What? What bitter legacy?? Pinochet saved Chile from destruction in 1973 by overthrowing Allende in a military coup. Allende was tearing Chile apart and he was creating a “secret army” of Soviet-trained and Cuban-trained communist guerillas. Pinochet had no choice but to act against Allende. Pinochet is hated by the global media for “overthrowing a democratically-elected leader” (well, that detail is correct: Allende was elected. But he soon turned full-Marxist and began seizing private property and making alliances with Cuba and the Soviet Union).

“Student leaders” huh? I smell trouble brewing in Chile. (Trivia: the global Left tried to throw Pinochet in prison for the “crime” of saving Chile from communism. But he was deemed to be too old for prison. Only his age saved him. Had he been younger, the cruel leftists would have put him behind bars permanently like they did General Videla, who died in prison for the “crime” of defending Argentina against Marxism circa 1977).

“Boric became a leader of education protests across the country, in which thousands of students took over their campuses and faculties…” Uh-oh. That’s not good.

“Boric, Chile’s left-wing president-elect, has announced his first cabinet, giving a majority of the posts to women and several to former student protest leaders.” Yikes. That’s not good, either. [Here].

One thing about leftism in South America: it’s very violent. We’re talking “bomb-throwing, gun-shooting violent.” Just consider Argentina in 1975: leftist bombs were exploding every few hours in Buenos Aires. Cops and military men were being assassinated by communists. Leftists play hard-ball in South America, which is why leftism must be opposed in that region before violence breaks out.



[1] Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay have large numbers of White citizens.

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