9 January, 2022

Hitler: He Was Too Nice

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During World War II, Adolf Hitler allowed 300,000 British soldiers to escape capture/murder at Dunkirk (which was located on the northern-most coast of France). He could have easily slaughtered the Brits, but he didn’t. He played nice. Guess where “playing nice with the Brits” got Hitler? Dead, that’s where it got him! In a war, never play nice — especially with the Brits, who started two (count ’em) two world wars! Cruel limeys. They must enjoy killing people.

“Hitler foolishly believed that Britain was run by civilized people. If he knew what they were, all of the stranded at Dunkirk would have been annihilated thus possibly changing the outcome of the war. With the Allied policy of deliberate civilian slaughter and the ex post facto “war crimes” laws leading to the Nuremberg lynching bee, one has a right to be ashamed for any part he played during that period.” — the FAEM (First Amendment Exercise Machine) website, February 14, 2003.

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