29 January, 2022

Music to Commit Genocide By, or, Jazz Me, Baby!

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Can you imagine: 60 million people died in World War II! It was the most destructive war in history. (Jews call WWII “the good war”! Really, Jews? “Good”? 60 million gentile deaths are “good”? How?).

Not only did Jews create WWII, but they even provided the music to go with it [1]. Can’t have a genocidal world war without jazzy music! Swing me, daddy-o! Gimme some o’ dat re-bop and be-bop, pops!

Ever heard of these musical Jews? I’m sure you have: Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, the Gershwin Brothers, Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, Harold Arlen, Richard Rodgers. Berlin wrote “God Bless America” (!) which was first performed in 1938. Berlin also wrote the song “Any Bonds Today?” which was designed to convince the goy public to buy war bonds. Berlin also wrote a stage show called “This Is The Army” which traveled all over the world. (Berlin also wrote “White Christmas” (1942) and he was probably laughing hysterically as he wrote it).

Furthermore, make no mistake: Berlin and Gershwin “sold” jazz music to White America. Sold it as “symphonic jazz” or “big band” music [2]. The White American public was wary of jazz (it was called “negro music”) until Berlin and Gershwin “Whitened it up” and sold it to the suburbs. No wonder Henry Ford called it “Jewish jazz” [3]. (By the way, “jazz” originally meant “sex” in negro slang; so did “rock and roll”; granted, there are different types of jazz today, but many people don’t think that jazz is “real” music — they think it lacks form and framework, that it’s just a jumble of notes tossed together like a salad, without much thought).

Gershwin said: “jazz is the (negro) plantation song improved and transferred into finer, bigger harmonies.”

(Incredibly, America once had a pro-Stalin song, circa 1943, called “Stalin wasn’t Stallin’”).


[1] a handful of Jews created WWII, most notably Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Henry Morgenthau, Jr. and Harry Dexter White; other such noteworthy Jews included Oscar Sydney Cox, Benjamin V. Cohen and William Christian Bullitt, Jr. (who had a Jewish mother).

[2] “big band”-style jazz was likely born in 1924 with Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue.” Apparently, if the band is “big” it isn’t jazz anymore — according to the Jews! Ya, sure it isn’t.

[3] “Jews did not create the popular song, they debased it. The time of the entry of Jews into control of the popular song is the exact time when the morality of popular songs began to decline. The “popular” song, before it became a Jewish industry, was really popular. The people sang it and had no reason to conceal it. The popular song today is often so questionable a composition that performers with a vestige of decency must appraise their audience before they sing.” — Henry Ford.

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