23 January, 2022

The Covid Scam: a Global Crime Against Humanity Which Must Be Prosecuted

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You can’t kill and injure several million people worldwide, under force (“you must have 3 jabs or lose your pension!”) and under fake pretenses, and not be punished. You just can’t. (The top Covidian thugs have “legal immunity” you say? Well, they can try that cheap excuse in 3 years, after the whole ugly truth is exposed. More below).

If the “authorities” can grab Chile’s General Pinochet in London (in 1998), kidnap him (house-arrest him) for 17 months, attempt to extradite him to Spain, and try to imprison him permanently on charges of “genocide,” “violating human rights” and so forth for saving Chile from communist terrorism, then they can do much worse than that for all of the top Covidians — only with the Covidians the crime is a real crime: global in scope, children were killed/injured, the citizenry was psychologically terrorized for over 2 years, and thousands of citizens were bankrupted as well. It’s so much worse than anything Pinochet did! (The only thing that saved Pinochet from dying in a prison cell in Spain was his old age and failing health) [1].

If the top Covidians can’t be tried in America (due to “legal immunities” which were voided as soon as bold lies about vaccine safety/testing were told and apparently they were told), then they can be extradited and tried in other countries. And Spain is certainly a possibility. No doubt, some Spaniards were visiting America when they got sick/died from the clot shot.

News quote: “UK officials and the most influential public health figures are accused of genocide, citing a series of statistics on the impact of “vaccines” and policies imposed under the guise of ‘mitigating COVID.'”



[1] News quotes about Pinochet:

From 2000: “The 84-year-old Pinochet was released on humanitarian grounds because the British government concluded he is too sick to stand trial. Pinochet had been facing extradition to Spain.”

From 1999: “Pinochet was arrested Oct. 16 in London at the request of a Spanish magistrate seeking his extradition to face charges of murder, torture and hostage-taking. Judge Baltasar Garzon says Spaniards were among those slain after Pinochet toppled elected Marxist Salvador Allende in 1973.”

From 1998: “A Spanish judge indicted Gen. Augusto Pinochet Thursday “for the crimes of genocide, terrorism and torture” during his 17-year dictatorship in Chile…”

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