11 January, 2022

The Covid Scam: Was It About Economics, or About Politics and Race?

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This essay below suggests that the Covid-19 scam was economic:

“The covid pandemic, the inappropriately authoritarian and intentionally maladroit policy reaction to it, and the mRNA vaccines were — I suspect — a pilot program, a feasibility study, a proof-of-principle plot, carried out at the expense of little people everywhere, for the benefit of unscrupulous rich people.”

But it seems, to me, that the Covid-19 scam was much more racial and political, than economic. Why? Two reasons.

Reason 1: the curious timing of Covid-19 arriving. Donald Trump was in office, and he had not been impeached, although they (mostly Jews) tried to impeach him just before Covid arrived [1], and right-wing populism was very popular, and it was threatening to spread to Europe (which it partially did, e.g., Brexit and the Yellow Vests). The Jewish media was all over Covid like stink-on-poop. For months, the media was yelling “Coronavirus, Coronavirus, Coronavirus!” 24/7. It was total hysteria. Covid-19 hysteria destroyed thousands of small businesses (most of which were owned by White males). And most of those businessmen voted for Trump.

Reason 2: Trumpism (right-wing populism) was very, very successful. Trump had the best economy in 50 years. That’s important. The powers-that-be couldn’t “allow” Trumpism to remain way-popular, because that would, by default, cause right-wing populism (which is White and male) to reign supreme for decades. Couldn’t allow that to happen! That could lead to evil Auntie-Cementism! Oy, vehhh! Listen to the hysterical language used by some media Jews re: Trump and his 100 million White male followers: “We must stop Trump at any cost!” “We must not allow Trump and his followers to do that ever again!” Hysterical, frightened language, like the type used by Jews in 1939, just before WWII.



[1] Trump’s first impeachment: he was acquitted February 5, 2020, just before Covid hit; his second impeachment: he was again acquitted Feb. 13, 2021

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