3 January, 2022

The Eternal Hitler

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Adolf Hitler was very unique in history. For at least two reasons.

Reason 1:

Some leaders are hated. Some leaders are tolerated. Some leaders are liked. But Hitler was genuinely loved by the German people, and for good reason: he saved Germany. When Hitler took office in 1933, Germany was in ruins. Not only did Hitler save Germany, but he did it in record time: Germany had full employment within 4 years of Hitler coming to power — a truly remarkable feat. Even people who disliked Hitler marveled at his achievements. Foreigners would tour the new, wealthy, successful Germany circa 1937 and they’d be in awe: they’d ask, “how did Hitler do this so quickly?” The new Germany was the most united, cohesive, productive country in history.

Reason 2:

Nobody in world history has been as smeared and as vilified as Hitler has been. You’d think that Hitler was literally Satan! He is portrayed even today as “evil personified.” He is the devil with a funny mustache [1]. It’s rather suspicious that the mass-murderers Stalin and Mao oppressed and murdered more people, and for much longer, than Hitler, yet those two are never referred to as Satanic. How curious! Mao murdered approximately 60 million people — a world record. Stalin murdered about 30 million people. Why aren’t they Satanic? It’s very odd — until you understand who runs the media. Then it isn’t odd anymore [2].

Finally, for the people who say that “Hitler killed Germany with his reckless, warring behavior”: No. The “allies” killed Germany on the orders of Big Global Jew. (Indeed, one Jew even admitted that the Jews declared financial “war” on Germany and not vice-versa)[3][4].

“The Hitler industry, though vast and copious, is really just getting going. It’s as if from the very beginning they had so much catching up to do that they are only now taking a deep breath — and are ready to start. Of the making of books about Adolf Hitler there will be no end, but they will never plumb his noble depths. The books have been piling up for some time now and show no sign of slowing up.”



[1] I saw a cartoon on TV, aimed at children, circa 1990. In it were animated versions of Stalin and Hitler. Stalin was portrayed as a big, gruff, hairy, sort-of-democratic hooligan (which was funny since Stalin was short and was a mass-murdering dictator). But Hitler was portrayed as Satanic, complete with horns, a red face and a demonic voice. Fact: 96% of everything you’ve ever heard about Hitler is a lie.

[2] As for the “Holocaust”: if you think 150,000 communist Jews dying in the German concentration camps, mainly from starvation and diseases such as typhus, was a “Holocaust,” then that’s your hang-up.

[3] “When the Jews declared war against Nazi Germany and fascism, I saw that that was a suicidal policy, which would bring to the Jews infinite suffering. I spoke against that policy, but no attention was paid to it.” — from the Foreward of rabbi Harry Waton’s book “A Program for the Jews and An Answer to All Anti-Semites” (New York; Astoria Press, 1939; 230 pages).

[4] a chilling, true story: sometime in the 1930s, a foreign journalist (the Moscow-based, American reporter Eugene Lyons, I believe, who was a Jew) travelled through parts of the Soviet Union. Each town he came to was like a ghost town. At one point, he asked someone (perhaps seriously, perhaps not, given Lyons’ political views), “where is everybody?” and the other fellow didn’t answer and simply looked away. The people, of course, had “gone down the memory hole.” Liquidated.

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