6 January, 2022

The Left Says: Everything Is Violence

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“He looked at me funny! That’s violence!” says the leftist.

If you do something the Left doesn’t like, it’s called “violence.” By the way, the idea that “words can mean anything you want them to mean” came from postmodernist Jews: Ludwig Wittgenstein and Jacques Derrida [1].

“Better pop that dictionary open again. Liberals are redefining yet another word. Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts recently staked out the position that student debt is a form of ‘violence.’”



[1] postmodernist philosophy appeared circa 1960 and it’s basically neo-Marxism or postMarxism. It’s largely, but not entirely, Jewish-founded. Postmodernism basically says, “if you believe it, then it’s true. There are no truths, only opinions and theories.” Postmodernism started out in literature but spread to nearly everything. But the central part of postmodernism, called “constructionism” (“gender is a social construct!”) is Jewish: the people who invented constructionism were Jews: Edmund Husserl, Max Scheler, Alfred Schutz and Peter L. Berger (who was a convert from Judaism to Christianity). Postmodernism is a type of critical theory, i.e., it tries to poke holes in the existing order of White things: in Western logic, in Western science, etc. Postmodernism denies reality; as I’ve said before, this makes it dangerous. White people believe in reality, the postmodernists don’t.

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