20 January, 2022

The Usual Suspects and WWI

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Like World War II, World War I was all about Jews and other freaks attacking/punishing Germany.

WWI led directly to WWII. No WWI equals no WWII. Period.

The, ahem, “Brits” who caused WWI were either Jews (e.g., Reginald Baliol Brett [aka Lord Esher; he had a Jewish mother), Alfred Beit and Nathaniel Rothschild [of the Jewish banking family]) or homosexuals in the service of Jews (e.g., Alfred Milner and Cecil Rhodes, a closeted queer and a Freemason). Another architect of WWI, Archibald Primrose (aka Lord Rosebery) was also a closeted queer who was married to a Rothschild (of the Jewish banking family) [1]. Yes, oy vehs and queers, all around.

Later, Adolf Hitler had the misfortune of greatly underestimating how “Jewed” Britain had become. Many powerful Brits were either Jews, half-Jews, were married to Jews, or were in the service of Jews. Sad. And scary, too.

“Docherty and Macgregor point the finger at what they argue is the real source of the conflict: a more or less secret cabal of British imperialists whose entire political existence for a decade and a half was dedicated to the fashioning of a European war in aid of destroying the British Empire‚Äôs newly emerging commercial, industrial and military competitor, Germany.”



[1] Brett had a French, Jewish mother named Eugenie (her British stepfather was named Gurwood), whose natural/birth father, Lazare, is confirmed as having been Jewish due to his tombstone inscription, “Eliezer bar Me’ir”

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