16 January, 2022

U.S. and UK Elites are Waging War on Populism, Both Left and Right Versions of It

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Populism (both left-wing and right-wing versions of it) is the next big thing, because all of the elites fear it and want to kill it off. Just look at “cancel culture.”

The elites (read: mostly wealthy and politically-connected Jews) hate populism because they can’t control it (since it means “too many people are thinking honest thoughts” or “the virtuous little people fighting against the corrupt elites, and that means any elites, and no matter the issue!”) [1]. Traditional liberalism and traditional conservatism are both very predictable and each have no trouble sucking up to greedy elites. But populism isn’t like that. It’s hard for elites to corrupt a populist with money or political favors. The populist will “do the right thing” 99.8% of the time, and any pay-offs be damned. In fact, had populists run America, WWII would have never happened, nor would have the Korean War or the Vietnam War happened. Populists care too much about “the honest little people of America” to sell their souls to greedy elites for money or cheap political favors. Indeed, again, the future lies in populism, which is why the elites fear Donald Trump and his 100 million followers. The future lies in “Trumpism.” If not Trump himself, then someone like him.



[1] Nazism was a populist movement, getting support from both Left and Right citizens. Ditto the America First movement in the U.S.; a whopping 80% of Americans were populist in 1941 and they didn’t want war, but war was brought to them anyway via the clever maneuvering of Japan, by FDR, into attacking America in Dec. 1941.

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