15 January, 2022

Will NATO Globalism Cause WWIII? It Might

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Picture, in your mind, a little kid wandering down an alley. He finds a box. Inside the box is a loaded machine gun, dropped and lost by some buffoon during an Army training exercise. That kid has no idea what a dangerous weapon he’s found. Similarly, Western politicians have no idea how dangerous their NATO globalism is: it could actually lead to World War III. Nukes. Cities vaporized by atomic warheads. A nightmarish scenario.

Recall: WWII was a “gang attack” by globalists (read: Jews). And so will WWIII also be a Jewish/globalist gang attack.

“After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was mutually agreed by Gorbachev and President George W. Bush that the Soviet state would be dissolved and the former constituent states of the Union become independent, on condition in return that the United States and NATO would not incorporate those states into their military alliance, an obvious threat to Russia (and for which there would be now no real reason). But that is exactly what occurred, beginning with President Clinton and continuing under George W. Bush, and under Obama and Biden.” (By the way, re: paragraph 29, Nuland is at least half-Jewish. She is now Under Secretary of State [1]).



[1] “Nuland was the lead U.S. point person for the Ukrainian crisis, establishing loan guarantees to Ukraine, including a $1 billion loan guarantee in 2014, and the provisions of non-lethal assistance to the Ukrainian military and border guard.” — Wikipedia, Jan. 2022.

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