28 February, 2022

At Last, We Have a Name for the Fear of Fatties!

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Be afraid. Be very afraid. There are fatties about!

“Fat phobia” is now called “Gordofobia” (but why is it always a “phobia”? I don’t fear fat people — unless there are only 3 tacos left: then I would fear that my 300-pound tablemate, Lisa McFattyCakes, would gobble them up quickly, leaving me with nothing except low-blood-sugar; note to self: “un-invite Lisa next Friday…”).

The tyranny of the minority: it’s real. They have special rights that we don’t have. Why do defective people always get special rights? Queers, fat people, midgets, tranny serial killers — why do they get special treatment? (Special treatment costs lots of money: each time a law is created, it must be enforced. That costs the taxpayers money).

“The Future Is Fatter: Brazil Battles Gordofobia”


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