17 February, 2022

Canada: a Government False Flag to Crush the Canadian People?

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And to think, all this nonsense is over a virus that is no worse than the flu, a virus that most people are largely immune to (i.e., most people show no, or few, symptoms when they have it, and they recover on their own). This is not about health. This is about controlling the people of Canada.

A question for doubters of a “Covid-19 conspiracy”: now, after 2 years, the Western world would have herd immunity to Covid. Natural immunity. Because most people would have already gotten Covid and recovered. So over 90% of the people would be immune to Covid by now. So, why do we still need “the jabs”? Of course, the “experts” are going to lie and say, “no, no, natural immunity can’t be achieved with Covid”; in the early days of Covid, the “experts” talked about herd immunity, but today they don’t. Odd, isn’t it? This assumes, of course, that Covid even exists; how would we know? It may be just another type of flu, from Asia. There are about 400 types of flu, it seems.

Here’s an interesting quote about Trudeau and who his top advisers are: “Stephen Bronfman, heir to the Seagram fortune” is a “senior adviser to the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau.” Bronfman is a member of the very wealthy, and Jewish, Bronfman family [Here]. It sure seems like a lot of world leaders are advised by wealthy Jews, doesn’t it? Another quote: “Stephen Bronfman is not only a key aide to Mr Trudeau, he is a close friend and was central to his rise to power.” [Here].

[Transcript and video].

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