4 February, 2022

Covid Revealed a Lot

Posted by Socrates in Covid as a cult, Covid Derangement Syndrome, Covid lockdowns as hate crime, Covid-19, Covid-19 as a scam, Covid-19 lockdowns, Covid-19 vaccines, Covid-stupid, Covidians, white nationalism, White Nationalists, White philosophy, White thought at 2:35 pm | Permanent Link

Like I have said before, in some ways we should be thankful for Covid-19: it showed us who the bad people are (and who the good people are, too). One thing Covid revealed: we cannot trust our government officials to do the right thing. Nope. No way. Nor can we trust the media. We can only trust ourselves — i.e., people of like mind.

“This is where the truth about character is revealed. The old saying holds that tough times build character. That is not true. Tough times reveal character. What many of us have seen cannot be unseen and it will resonate for some time.”


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