15 February, 2022

Holocaust: So Many Whys Exist

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There are many “whys” surrounding The Holocaust (trademarked/patent applied for). One big “why” is: why bother to tattoo people who were going to be “gassed” in 2 weeks or even earlier? Why bother? Indeed, why waste millions of dollars during a world war trying to “exterminate” 2 percent of the German population (Jews)? Why bother? Why not wait until after the war to deal with this tiny group of people? It makes no sense. No sense at all. The Germans were known for their logical, step-by-step thinking. It’s very odd that they would waste so much time and effort on a tiny group of people during a war (and to think, after 4 years of “gassings” the Germans didn’t even come close to wiping out the Jews! They must not have been trying very hard. Good, old starvation could have killed all of the imprisoned Jews in the Third Reich in roughly 2 years, and surely the Germans knew that after watching Joe Stalin do the “murder by starvation thing” successfully — and without any prisons! — in 1932 Ukraine; at least 5 million Ukrainians died in that famine. Why bother with toxic gasses and “ovens” and tattoos and so forth when simply withholding food works better and is much, much less expensive and labor intensive? The Holocaust, as we “know” it, is a Jewish fantasy. A lie. A news photo of “a pile of bodies at the WXYZ concentration camp” proves nothing other than that’s actually what happened: death by starvation. “The allies” bombed the German supply lines and some people in the German concentration camps starved to death as a result, and ironically it was quite by accident).


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