12 February, 2022

Liberal Tolerance? No Such Thing Exists

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So, if you haven’t gotten the toxic Covid jabs, you’re a “piece of shit”?? Hmmm.

The liberal must be “better” than you at all times. He must be “superior” to you. “I’ve been vaccinated for Covid five times! Have you?? No??? Shame on you!! I’m reporting you to the government!!” To be a liberal is to be a child trapped in an adult body. That’s why liberals are vegans: “I don’t eat meat! I’m morally superior to you!” (but they probably eat bacon in private).

News headline: “Democrat strategist James Carville wants to punch any unvaxxed ‘piece of sh*t’ in the face.”


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  7. One Response to “Liberal Tolerance? No Such Thing Exists”

    1. Pierre Says:

      Good article by a veterinarian and agronomist that debunks a plant-based diet, says vegetarianism is a lie of the liberal mind :

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