5 February, 2022

Marilyn Monroe and the Jews

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The Jewish doctor of bullshit, psychologist Sigmund Freud (aka Sigmund Fraud; 1856-1939) was very important to the Jews, because he made millions of White people unsure of themselves and their surroundings. He made them question their worldview and even question reality itself [1][2]. That went a long way towards de-stabilizing the White Western world.

Yes, Freud “softened up” the White world. He convinced White men that they wanted to have sex with their mothers and kill their fathers. Sick? Yes. But that’s the Jewish mind: sick. (Trivia: Jews have more mental-health problems than any other race/ethnicity).

In the 1950s, Hollywood was in the grip of all things Freud. “You need to get psycho-analyzed!” said the Jewish studio bosses. In other words, you needed to go to some Jewish “doctor” and have him explain to you how “you hate your father because your mother wears red shoes.” It was total Jewish crap. But lots of White people bought it.

Jews manipulate gentiles. It’s what they do. (You know how a safe-cracker manipulates the dial on a safe in order to open it and steal the contents? Well, that’s what Jews do to gentiles. The Jews manipulate them until the gentiles “obey” or “alter themselves” or whatever the Jews want them to do).



[1] Watch the 1955 Western/musical movie “Oklahoma!” which was based on a stage musical written by the Jews, Rodgers and Hammerstein. The movie seems normal until the middle, when it suddenly becomes very Freudian and surreal. The movie was written mainly by a Jew, Sonya Levien. It was also directed by a Jew, Fred Zinnemann.

[2] Freudianism played a key role in the creation of Cultural Marxism; indeed, it is a blend of Marxism and Freudianism

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